Joe and Jean’s Epic Willamette Valley Biodynamic Wine Adventure…Begins!

While this trip is six months away, our adventure actually began today…January 12, 2019…here in the freshly snow-draped foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado…from the comfort of warm, cozy dream home…still in pjs and having a slow yet fun and highly creative Saturday morning...1261 miles away from the destination of the first epic adventure in this series of epic adventures!

Jean and I have been in planning mode for 2019 since just before the winter solstice...which I view as the new year. I figure everything in nature revolves around this day...I might too...and have for many years.

We both are fully committed to 2019 being a year full to overflowing with epic trips, fun adventures, awesome concerts, lots of love and fresh healthy biodynamic food and of course...exceptionally good...biodynamic wine.

This blog is the home base for this epic Willamette Valley Wine Adventure…which in just a few short hours from the first words of possibility about this trip to this very moment…has expanded from a cool we're at about including a fun "side project"? if we do that then...that leads to...and what if...

SO...if this one if compelling to you…we'll share our next one too!

But I want to stay here in the glory of this moment and the flow of ideas swirling around in my head and not get too far ahead of myself and my ideas…and next chapters and other projects.

I want to back up to this morning...for a moment.
You might find it interesting to know...Jean and I chose to not drink during January this year…so I find a bit of sweet irony in that...this first epic a three-week biodynamic wine adventure in the Willamette Valley of Oregon!

Now, we've gone years without drinking.
We like to take breaks from time to time for a variety of reasons…and I'm the consummate experimenter.

I often ask myself…I wonder what it would be like to try…fill in the blank. And I started playing this game when I was studying nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC in the 1990s.

And for at least the last 20 years or more...drinking for each of us beer or biodynamic wine in a pinch...otherwise, we pass.

We've become highly fascinated with biodynamic farming over the last several years...which of course led to an interest in biodynamic winemaking.

So we have this really juicy, savory three week opening in our calendar this summer...and have been tossing ideas back in forth...and remember...I mentioned we're committed to an epic 2019!

I don't like the notion of a bucket list...and yet there are trips and places that we've been talking about exploring...that we haven't experienced yet.

And just for reference...we've known each other for quite a while...we met freshman year of college...1979...and married in 1984.

We've both been very focused and super busy...professionally for the last 15-20 years...a lot of our wondering and exploring has been somewhat limited.

And yet here's this new year...decidedly going to be we began volleying back and forth ideas...places that we've wanted to explore for a long time and haven't ...and exploring Oregon's Willamette Valley has been in our awareness for longer than I like to think about.

As soon as this spot was tabled...I immediately Googled...biodynamic vineyards in Oregon...and yowie...I was blown away and super excited...and for me...this was it! The location of this trip was least to me.
And took about a second...and she was all in!

And within 24 hours...I'm sitting in the window seat in our eclectic and stunningly beautiful kitchen...writing this post...all about this trip...which is rapidly expanding into a fun, exciting and seeming limitless "side project". Funny how that happens.

You might be wondering...all that's interesting...but why blog about this...and why should I care?
Both two more excellent questions.

And before I go there...I may never even heard the term biodynamic farming before...and...with the help of the farmers and winemakers...we're going to explain it all...and from not only the perspective of the biodynamic philosophy...but I think more importantly...from the perspective of our environment, our land, water, soil, it supports optimal nutrition, effects our animal friends...and of course how all this relates to world-class wine...that is as clean, pure and organic as wine gets...sitting in a glass on your dinner table.

Why a blog about this?
My immediate fascination is...with the sheer number of biodynamic vineyards in such a small geographic region.
There's got to be some great stories that answer this question...and I want to unearth as many of them as possible...and hear them from the farmers and winemakers.

Why should you care?
I remember in the '60s and '70's environmentalists were radical, mostly hippies, alarmists, extremists...simply put...crazy tree huggers.

Today, it seems to me if you're interested in humans remaining as a viable species on this's imperative that we each become passionate about our environment and learn how we can each do our part to help to repair the damage caused over the last hundred plus years and decrease our carbon footprint as much as possible...and collectively love and respect our planet and our natural resources.
Otherwise...our species will not survive.

In my humble opinion, biodynamic agriculture is the ultimate approach for growing produce with maximum nutritional value...with the highest level of integrity for the land, water, air, and all our natural resources.

In this blog...we'll explore what the heck is biodynamic agriculture...offer helpful resources to find biodynamic growers...and our primary intention is to focus on the biodynamic winemakers in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

You'll find directories, maps, directions, tour suggestions...and guest blog posts from the growers and winemakers.

Honestly, we're completely making this up day by day.
I think it would be cool to have an app filled with all the resources we compile...with customizable tours, maps to all the biodynamic wineries and tasting room in the Willamette Valley...and who knows what else.

A lot of the what else is going to come from you! As you get involved in our epic adventure and we build a community around this...together we'll create the aspects that are most important and of most interest to you! Which I think is pretty cool!

SO...whether you're new to biodynamic agriculture or a long time proponent...this is a great place for you to be!

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That's all I have for you today.

Thank you for joining Jean and me on this epic adventure!



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