Inital Contact…with the Willamette Valley Winemakers!


Jean and I are VERY excited!..we’ve begun making our initial contact…introducing ourselves and this kooky all the biodynamic winemakers in the Willamette Valley.

I must say…after researching all the websites…it’s a bit intimidating.

I mean…we’re not wine industry insiders. We’re not in the food and beverage industry. We’re not wine connoisseurs or wine critics.

There is this small and rather annoying voice that has been running nonsense chatter like…who are we to start a blog like this?…what were we thinking? All sorts of negative self talk.

And when I quiet that voice that is SO NOT helpful…I have a perfect sense of indeed who we are to write this blog...and more important is...why we're doing this. 

We’re super passionate about biodynamic agriculture.

We both feel strongly that more people need to know about the significant benefits associated with biodynamic agriculture. 

For personal health and well-being as well as for our planet and the survival of our species.

We both strongly feel like we as a species have to make some significant changes with the way we have been destroying our environment and natural resources.

And I LOVE that neither of us has sophisticated pallets. We simply enjoy drinking wine in its purest form.

Wine made with the entire ecosystem in mind. Wine that includes the entire environment. Wine that is made from seed to bottle with conscious awareness, care and attention to each and every step of the process.

We were thrilled to come across Tom Mullen’s inspiring article in Forbes Magazine…titled - “Why Biodynamic Wine is the Future” - published on October 26, 2016…has over ten thousand views!



That’s amazing. If you haven’t read this article yet…it’s a must read. Click here to check it out!

Now Tom Mullen certainly is a qualified guy to be writing about the future of wine…this is his byline from this article - "I write about lifestyle, food and wine from a base in France"

And I love his perspective. I’m inspired that he’s bold enough to write about what many would be considered odd or way out there or even beyond the fringe.

I don’t know about you…but everything that I’ve learned about biodynamic agriculture makes so much logical sense. Ok well…perhaps it took a while to understand some of the “infusion” processes…but honestly, the results speak for themselves.

Philosophy is intriguing but measurable results are what is most important to every business person…especially in agriculture and viticulture.

There are SO many variables that are uncontrollable…to be able to fully maximize what is controllable…simply makes good business sense…and it also turns out to be the best choices possible for the environment as well as for our bodies.

Who doesn’t love a good win-win!?

I feel it’s important to point out Mullen is writing about the future of winemaking globally…not just in the Willamette Valley.

And yet…with bio-D growers and winemakers in the Willamette Valley certainly seem to be pioneering a profoundly beautiful movement. And the WV has been receiving international attention for several years.

It was also inspiring to find another article also in Forbes Magazine…specifically about biodynamic winemakers in the Willamette Valley.

This article also penned by Mr. Mullen…titled…”Biodynamic Winemaking Takes Root In Oregon” and was published on September 24, 2018. (

Since you’re reading this blog…this article is a MUST read! Click here (when you’ve finished reading this post) and check it out!

The following is an excerpt from this inspiring article -

“Oregon produces about one percent of the wine in the U.S., but the production is ramping up. Between 2000 and 2016 the number of Oregon wineries more than quintupled, ballooning from less than 150 to more than 750.”

While I loved this entire article…to me, it’s this closing paragraph (below) in which Tom Mullen interviews Owner and winemaker Rudy Marchesi of Montinore Estate.

“People ask why would you do biodynamics. I tell them I can’t imagine farming any other way. Now that we’ve been doing it for 15 plus years and I see the results and the economics, it’s logical. To me, it’s the best way to go. It’s not something that is an optional luxury; I view it as sort of a best practice.”

It was nice to get all this out and to quiet that distracting negative self-talk…and actually, create something that hopefully inspires you to try a biodynamic wine the next time you’re out for dinner or stop at your favorite local wine shop.

And if they don’t have any biodynamic wines available…pull up our blog and share the resources! And ask them to special order some for you. Perhaps they will be interested in hosting a Willamette Valley biodynamic wine tasting event! If they are…please let us know and we would be SO happy to post the event and share the exciting news!

We received our first reply...from Barbara at Cooper Mountain Vineyards...and it was a warm, welcoming and inspiring email. It came at just the right time!

We're eager to learn more about Cooper Mountain and all the other biodynamic winemakers in the Willamette Valley!

There's no turning back now!

The journey continues…

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    1. That’s awesome Chris!
      Thank you for following up!
      So far it’s been SO AMAZING!
      Blog post coming soon!

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