How Did This Epic Willamette Valley Biodynamic Wine Adventure Begin?

Many of our friends have asked this question over the last couple of months...that I thought I'd write about it in a post.

For clarification…this is Joe.
Jean and I often write together…and you'll see posts from us individually too. Figure it's best to be clear about who's writing.

When we first considered the Oregon coast and Willamette Valley as an option for our 3 week holiday this summer…the very first thing I did…literally was…type into Google search… biodynamic wine in Willamette Valley.

Honestly, I was hoping for ONE to turn up…and thought I'd likely be changing my search terms to organic wine.

Not only did I not have to change my search terms…but was shocked by the search results and how many red dots popped up on the map!

At first I thought it was a mistake…so I started clicking on links…and sure enough!..the Willamette Valley is a hotbed of biodynamic viniculture!

We struck gold and…right then and there we committed to this trip!

And that led to a lot of questions.

We're passionate about and fully committed to eating as much biodynamic food as possible.
When we drink wine..we scour the wine list for biodynamic wine….which often then shifts to organic wine…and if there are neither, we choose to pass.

We want to be completely transparent…we're not wine industry insiders…we're not wine experts…honestly, neither of us has a very sophisticated pallet.

This is NOT a wine tasting or rating tour. You will not read a description other than…WOW! or completely freakin amazing. No hints of cranberry or cigar or chocolate will be found anywhere in our posts. Other than in this one of course!

We choose to drink biodynamic wine simply because from everything we've learned it is the most authentic, clean and pure way to grow grapes and make wine. It respects the earth, air, water and takes into consideration the entire environment…benefiting the earth, humans, and animals domestic and wild, insects…the entire ecosystem. And that's highly important to us.

I quickly asked…how did we not know about all these biodynamic winemakers?

Why are there so many biodynamic winemakers in such a small region?

If we didn't know about this…I thought it would be awesome to help to share what biodynamic agriculture is…help to educate what it is and why it's so critically important…now more than ever.

We as a species have to make radical choices if we choose to survive.
Organic and biodynamic is not a luxury item. It must become the standard way to grow. Otherwise honestly our future as a species seems at greater risk than ever in our history.

I firmly believe that if more people knew about biodynamic agriculture…and incorporated as much fresh biodynamic produce into their lives as possible…their health and well being would improve.

Choosing to drink biodynamic wine for me is a natural extension from this kind of commitment. At least it was for us!

Back to this epic adventure!
For our purposes, of this epic adventure, we're choosing to focus down to biodynamic viniculture in the W.V.

We hope that our passion and commitment might inspire others to get curious and want to learn more and take action! Start to experiment and see if there's a noticeable difference.

As many Saturday's as possible…during the growing season…we drive up to the farmers market in Boulder…specifically for Aspen Moon Farms…( an amazing biodynamic farm. We get as much of our food from them as possible. And everything is AMAZING!

Last year I honestly had a tough time coming to terms with the end of the season…and remember going to the very last market day of the year…which was in December. I walked out with ten pounds of their spicy mix greens. If you have never seen ten pounds of fresh greens…it's a massive amount of greens. They filled two huge bags. One went in my cooler in the back and the other sat on the front passenger seat (Jean wasn't with me)…from which I ate all the way home. It was SO good!

After the market, we often head to a fantastic wine shop…Boulder Wine Merchant…('re not far from the market…and have an extensive selection of biodynamic wines. They use blue tags to indicate biodynamic wines…so I quickly walk up and down the isles…scanning for blue tags. It's a fantastic shop…super friendly and knowledgeable staff.

SO…that's a bit of our "why".

I hope you find our posts helpful and inspiring.

The next time you're in a wine shop…ask if they have biodynamic wines. And…if you're fortunate they'll have one from the Willamette Valley.

Hopefully, they'll have one for you to try. If not…heck…take out your phone and pull up our blog (…look at the directory and ask if they can bring in any of the wines listed. Most shops are happy to place a special order for you.

When you do have the opportunity to try one of the biodynamic wines from the Willamette Valley…please leave a comment and let us know what your experience was.

You know...I think it's important to note me...biodynamic isn't a fad and it's not a luxury. It's a healthy choice and lifestyle. Everything I eat and drink directly impacts SO much. Everything from my sleep, energy, mood, mental clarity, skin, hair, nails, teeth and bones, every organ function and system in my body and how they work...even how we experience aging…ALL affected by the food and beverages I choose to put in my body.

I'm passionate about maximizing my human potential…therefore choose to eat the most nutrient dense food available. Which based on my experiments…seems to be biodynamically grown. I am super grateful and feel very fortunate to have access to amazing biodynamic produce and wine…pretty close to home.

And this summer I am SO looking forward to experiencing all the biodynamic farms the Willamette Valley has to offer!

I encourage you to do some searching and ask around at farmers market and at your local wine shop for biodynamic. And you may have to share some insights and explain what biodynamic is.

I encourage you to not settle for conventionally grown produce. Every dollar we spend makes a statement. Don't tolerate the terms and labels "all natural" or "sustainable". There's a massive difference and we'll get into this topic further in other posts.

For now…that's it from me for today.

The epic journey continues!


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