Visit with Winemaker Chris Willams at Brooks Wine

Very Likely blinded by what I didn't know...somehow...I thought...this was going to be a super fun...and here's the silly part...yes...I invite you to laugh..."with me" ...I actually thought writing these blog posts...was going to be easy.

You see...I write a lot...and yet...diving deep...very quickly into the world of biodynamic Willamette...which is new to me...has at times...been quite overwhelming.

Jean and I love immersing ourselves into new cultures.

And this project has created a unique and rare opportunity to be able to sit down and interview legends in the wine world.

And these unique individuals...indeed are legends.

Not just in Willamette or in Oregon...and

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Warmth at Winderlea Vineyard and Winery


Jean and I started planning this...Willamette Valley biodynamic wine adventure...over six months ago.

When we sent our first emails...making initial contact with the biodynamic vineyards and of the first to respond was Bill Sweat at Winderlea Vineyard and Winery in the picturesque Dundee Hills AVA.

Bill's response was filled with warmth and enthusiasm for our project...and was SO helpful with making other connections.

For Jean and me...Bill's emails were vitally important...ideally timed...and encouraged us to continue to pursue this kooky blog...and epic adventure.

From our various email exchanges with Bill...over the last several months...we knew this was going to be a special visit...and

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Legendary…Cooper Mountain Vineyards


I'm glad I got the "who are we to write this blog"...out of the an earlier blog post.

Why?..because...honestly that inspired me to have a bit of courage...enough to be able to follow through on this kooky blog idea...and schedule visits with legends in the world of biodynamic viticulture in the Willamette Valley.

Today...we are scheduled to meet with Barbara Gross...the daughter of Dr. Robert Gross who started Cooper Mountain Vineyards forty years ago!

In 1999...Cooper Mountain became...Demeter Certified Biodynamic.


To put this into perspective...Cooper was the first certified biodynamic vineyard...not just in the Willamette Valley...or even in Oregon...but

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Next up…a BIG visit at Montinore Estate


I've got to tell you straight off...for months now...we've been SO looking forward to visiting Montinore. This was a highlight of our trip from the early stages of researching and planning.

We've been emailing with Natalie...and we didn't know until a few days before our visit...that we were going to have the opportunity to meet with and interview Rudy Marchesi.



Just in case you don't already know...Rudy is a leader in biodynamic viticulture...and least that's my impression of him.

When we were first exploring the possibility of this project...we came upon an article in Forbes Magazine... written by Tom Mullen…titled…”Biodynamic Winemaking Takes Root In Oregon” published on September 24, 2018.

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Our First Visit…Keeler Estate

Jean and I are BEYOND excited as we drive from our home base from the south through Salem and make our way up through the bottom of the Willamette Valley...on our way to our first official visit on our epic biodynamic wine adventure.

We're both surprised how quickly the landscape changes from the outskirts of the city to lush rolling hills...picturesque farms and vineyards. It's quite apparent that we've entered the wine-growing region.

We've been reading about and researching the Willamette Valley for the last six months...and I don't think there is any real way to prepare thoroughly for this journey we're on.

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Inital Contact…with the Willamette Valley Winemakers!


Jean and I are VERY excited!..we’ve begun making our initial contact…introducing ourselves and this kooky all the biodynamic winemakers in the Willamette Valley.

I must say…after researching all the websites…it’s a bit intimidating.

I mean…we’re not wine industry insiders. We’re not in the food and beverage industry. We’re not wine connoisseurs or wine critics.

There is this small and rather annoying voice that has been running nonsense chatter like…who are we to start a blog like this?…what were we thinking? All sorts of negative self talk.

And when I quiet that voice that is SO NOT helpful…I have a perfect sense of indeed who we are to write this blog...and

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How Did This Epic Willamette Valley Biodynamic Wine Adventure Begin?

Many of our friends have asked this question over the last couple of months...that I thought I'd write about it in a post.

For clarification…this is Joe.
Jean and I often write together…and you'll see posts from us individually too. Figure it's best to be clear about who's writing.

When we first considered the Oregon coast and Willamette Valley as an option for our 3 week holiday this summer…the very first thing I did…literally was…type into Google search… biodynamic wine in Willamette Valley.

Honestly, I was hoping for ONE to turn up…and thought I'd likely be changing my search terms to organic wine.

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Joe and Jean’s Epic Willamette Valley Biodynamic Wine Adventure BEGINS!

While this trip is six months away, our adventure actually began today…January 12, 2019…here in the freshly snow-draped foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado…from the comfort of warm, cozy dream home…still in pjs and having a slow yet fun and highly creative Saturday morning...1261 miles away from the destination of the first epic adventure in this series of epic adventures!

Jean and I have been in planning mode for 2019 since just before the winter solstice...which I view as the new year. Everything in nature revolves around the solstice...I figure I might as well too...and have for many years.

We both are fully committed to 2019 being a year full to overflowing with epic trips, fun adventures, awesome concerts, lots of love and fresh healthy biodynamic food and of course...exceptionally

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